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Classic Game Remakes

Remakes are the most common way to bring classic games back to life. Almost every large Game Producer released new versions of old games over the last years.

New game platforms like the iPhone or the Wii require to rebuild the games technically from the scratch. Remakes of Classic Games often include improved graphics, sounds and animations which creates the discussion of how much you should change in a game to keep it close to the original from the 1980s or 90s.

Good examples of classic game remakes are the New Super Mario Brothers for Wii or Oregon Trail for the iPhone.

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  Radiant Silvergun that won’t break the bank
March 14th, 2012

Post image

As vertically scrolling traditional shooters go, Radiant Silvergun was fun, but pretty standard. The Saturn port of Radiant Silvergun was the first traditional scrolling shooter by Treasure, and it featured seven weapons on a loaded ship, entertaining boss battles, easter eggs and other goodies. It also featured a three-digit price tag.

  Double Dragon II…again
February 22nd, 2012

Post image

Double Dragon II: The Revenge, will certainly get another shot at having its revenge. Slated for an XBLA remake in HD, DDII is a 23 year old side scrolling beat ‘em up that was originally released by Technos.

  Defender of the Crown App
January 26th, 2012

Post image

Defender of the Crown, the classic medieval game for the Amiga and many other formats, is one of the most recent additions to the app store for the iPhone.

  Welcome back Mickey?
January 25th, 2012

Post image

Lots of things spark scuttlebutt in the retro gaming community, but nothing raises eyebrows and sends up flags like a multimillion dollar giant like Disney filing for a trademark. In this specific instance, the megamedia corporation is looking to trademark the term Castle of Illusion, which was the title of a 1990 release starring the [...]

  Square Enix releases Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone
January 14th, 2012

Post image

Early August of 2011 saw yet another in the long line of re-runs of classic Final Fantasy games. In this instance, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, a PlayStation classic, was released to the iPhone.

  Another Japanese translation for PS1
October 4th, 2011

Post image

The great thing about the Japanese is that they make great video games and consoles. The not-so-great thing about these games and consoles is that lots of them never make it out of their home country.

  Sega’s Daytona USA is off to the races
September 26th, 2011

Post image

It seems like a million years ago when Sega released its fabled Daytona USA racing game, but really it was 1993. Still, the game is considered a classic. There was a hot arcade version that it shot it out of the blocks. Of course, the fact that it deals with the single biggest day in [...]

August 9th, 2011

Post image

It is out. The social networking site, Facebook, has indeed begun to run the social version of Civilization, known as CivWorld. So, what do fans of this classic Sid Meier strategy game of conquest and exploration have to look forward to, and what warnings should they adhere to.

  Fan translations: the trend continues
July 29th, 2011

Post image

It seems like every other day there is a new fan translation of an old game for the Mega Drive or Super Famicom (or an entirely different console). This is not a bad thing. These are good old games that were either lost on the Western world or played by struggling die-hard gamers.

  Indie developer sends Marathon to iPhone
July 18th, 2011

Post image

Bungie Software released the classic arcade style first person shooter, Marathon, for the Apple Macintosh late in 1994. It was the pioneer in what was to become a trilogy of similar games.

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