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The 100 Best Old Games of all Times

Here they are, the Top 100 most popular old games, voted by our readers and authors.
You will find a lot of different game platforms in the list, many games are available on multiple platforms, just click the game title of your choice and select your favorite platform in the "Also available for" Info at the top of the gamepage. Another spot to find your favorite old game is the 'related games' section on each gamepage. If you are a veteran player of some of these games and you would like to contribute your part to the old games community, submit an old game review, a video, screenshots and comments.
Our Old Games Forum is filled with a mixture of nerds, game enthusiasts, crackers and next door retrogamers that are bored just like you :-) Say hello, join the discussions or find help on everything about your favorite retrogames.

Browse Games by Genre:
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Super Mario Bros. NES
Super Mario Bros. on NES 
Final Fantasy NES
Final Fantasy on NES 
Contra NES
Contra on NES 
Super Mario World SNES
Super Mario World on SNES 
Castlevania Nintendo 64
Castlevania on N64 
Resident Evil 2 Nintendo 64
Resident Evil 2 on N64 
Mario Kart 64 Nintendo 64
Mario Kart 64 on N64 
Donkey Kong Game Boy
Donkey Kong on Game Boy 
Jurassic Park Genesis Megadrive
Jurassic Park on Genesis Megadrive 
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Saturn
10 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter on Saturn 
Mario Bros. NES
11 Mario Bros. on NES 
Mortal Kombat SNES
12 Mortal Kombat on SNES 
Metal Slug Neo Geo
13 Metal Slug on Neo Geo 
Mega Man NES
14 Mega Man on NES 
Killer Instinct SNES
15 Killer Instinct on SNES 
Metroid NES
16 Metroid on NES 
Mario Party Nintendo 64
17 Mario Party on N64 
Tetris Game Boy
18 Tetris on Game Boy 
Sonic Adventure Dreamcast
19 Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast 
Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 64
20 Super Smash Bros. on N64 
Pokemon Stadium Nintendo 64
21 Pokemon Stadium on N64 
Harvest Moon SNES
22 Harvest Moon on SNES 
Metal Slug X Neo Geo
23 Metal Slug X on Neo Geo 
Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64
24 Super Mario 64 on N64 
Super Bomberman SNES
25 Super Bomberman on SNES 
Donkey Kong Land Game Boy
26 Donkey Kong Land on Game Boy 
Pokemon Red Game Boy
27 Pokemon Red on Game Boy 
Mortal Kombat 3 SNES
28 Mortal Kombat 3 on SNES 
Banjo-Kazooie Nintendo 64
29 Banjo-Kazooie on N64 
Super Mario Land Game Boy
30 Super Mario Land on Game Boy 
Paper Mario Nintendo 64
31 Paper Mario on N64 
Super Mario Bros. 3 NES
32 Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES 
Final Fantasy 3 SNES
33 Final Fantasy 3 on SNES 
SimCity SNES
34 SimCity on SNES 
Bomberman NES
35 Bomberman on NES 
The Legend of Zelda NES
36 The Legend of Zelda on NES 
Ninja Gaiden NES
37 Ninja Gaiden on NES 
Mega Man X SNES
38 Mega Man X on SNES 
Top Gear SNES
39 Top Gear on SNES 
Spider-Man Nintendo 64
40 Spider-Man on N64 
Aladdin NES
41 Aladdin on NES 
Batman NES
42 Batman on NES 
Double Dragon NES
43 Double Dragon on NES 
Metal Gear NES
44 Metal Gear on NES 
Pokemon Yellow Game Boy
45 Pokemon Yellow on Game Boy 
Star Fox SNES
46 Star Fox on SNES 
Super Mario Kart SNES
47 Super Mario Kart on SNES 
Pokemon Stadium 2 Nintendo 64
48 Pokemon Stadium 2 on N64 
WWF No Mercy Nintendo 64
49 WWF No Mercy on N64 
Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis Megadrive
50 Sonic The Hedgehog on Genesis Megadrive 

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