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The Past

The Nintendo Game Boy

Released: November 1989, 21 years ago

CPU Speed: Sharp Z80 2,2 MHz

Memory: 8 KB RAM / 8 KB VRAM

Video: 160x144 / 4 colors

Game Controller: Buttons

Price in 1989: $179

When it comes to hand held games that retro gamers can fondly recall from days gone by, one of the first one that is likely to pop into one's head is Nintendo's Game Boy. It was Nintendo's first handheld system in the storied Game Boy line, and was released in the late eighties. It was originally released with the madly popular and addictive puzzle game, Tetris, which only served to make the puzzle game more popular. Between the initial release of Tetris as part of the system's bundle and separate cartridge sales, Tetris for Game Boy sold over 33 million copies, making it the system's best-seller. The Pokemon series was also an amazing success.

The Game Boy was met with fierce, nearly cutthroat competition. With a monochrome color palette, the Game Boy suffered from a smear campaign, launched in favor of Sega's Game Gear. The Atari Lynx also stole some of the Game Boy thunder, but its battery requirements made it an expensive toy to use for long periods of time. It was also quite pricey.

The original Game Boy offered some super popular titles, everything from the Addams Family to Zelda. It featured a host of the Nintendo flagship games starring Mario and Luigi. Overall, as a virgin handheld system, the Nintendo Game Boy was a huge success, making gaming exciting and accessible from anywhere you felt comfortable.

Nintendo Game Boy Games News

Dr. Franken on SEGA (May 24th, 2012)

Post image

SMSPower has made a bit of a name for itself in the retro gaming industry by preserving games that were unreleased, untranslated or simply unheard of. Their goal…a lofty one at that…is to preserve the entire Sega 8-bit library...

WonderSwan gets classic Nintendo play (May 29th, 2011)

Post image

Not a member of the stereotypical “Big Three”, Bandai still made plenty of handheld video gaming consoles in the retro era. Still active as late as 2003, Bandai’s WonderSwan never really hit it as big as other, more recognized names in the industry...

Bionic Commando Rearmed again (May 28th, 2011)

In 1988, the home gaming world embraced Bionic Commando, an epic platformer from Capcom that was inspired by the coin operated arcades. It was ported to the GameBoy in 1992 for a little mobile fun. The NES title was praised for its music composition and game play. The current nostalgia factor also earns it an...

Top Nintendo Game Boy Games

Tetris Game Boy
1. Tetris 

Donkey Kong Game Boy
2. Donkey Kong 

Super Mario Land Game Boy
3. Super Mario Land 

Star Wars Game Boy
4. Star Wars 

Pokemon Red Game Boy
5. Pokemon Red 

Godzilla Game Boy
6. Godzilla 

Mortal Kombat Game Boy
7. Mortal Kombat 

Batman Game Boy
8. Batman 

Tamagotchi Game Boy
9. Tamagotchi 

Killer Instinct Game Boy
10. Killer Instinct 

Pokemon Blue Game Boy
11. Pokemon Blue 

Pokemon Yellow Game Boy
12. Pokemon Yellow 

Toy Story Game Boy
13. Toy Story 

Jurassic Park Game Boy
14. Jurassic Park 

Double Dragon Game Boy
15. Double Dragon 

James Bond 007 Game Boy
16. James Bond 007 

Prince of Persia Game Boy
17. Prince of Persia 

Dr. Mario Game Boy
18. Dr. Mario 

Yoshi Game Boy
19. Yoshi 

Looney Tunes Game Boy
20. Looney Tunes 

Pac Man Game Boy
21. Pac Man 

Street Fighter 2 Game Boy
22. Street Fighter 2 

Mickey Mouse Game Boy
23. Mickey Mouse 

Mortal Kombat 2 Game Boy
24. Mortal Kombat 2 

Road Rash Game Boy
25. Road Rash 

Adventure Island Game Boy
26. Adventure Island 

Home Alone Game Boy
27. Home Alone 

Lucky Luke Game Boy
28. Lucky Luke 

Monopoly Game Boy
29. Monopoly 

Final Fantasy Adventure Game Boy
30. Final Fantasy Adventure 

The Lion King Game Boy
31. The Lion King 

Top Rank Tennis Game Boy
32. Top Rank Tennis 

FIFA International Soccer Game Boy
33. FIFA International Soccer 

Bubble Bobble Game Boy
34. Bubble Bobble 

Snow Brothers Game Boy
35. Snow Brothers 

Donkey Kong Land Game Boy
36. Donkey Kong Land 

Pokemon Green Game Boy
37. Pokemon Green 

Asterix Game Boy
38. Asterix 

Paperboy Game Boy
39. Paperboy 

Donkey Kong Land 2 Game Boy
40. Donkey Kong Land 2 

Street Racer Game Boy
41. Street Racer 

Hugo Game Boy
42. Hugo 

Wario Land 2 Game Boy
43. Wario Land 2 

Asterix and Obelix Game Boy
44. Asterix and Obelix 

Ninja Boy Game Boy
45. Ninja Boy 

Baseball Game Boy
46. Baseball 

Tom and Jerry Game Boy
47. Tom and Jerry 

Mega Man 2 Game Boy
48. Mega Man 2 

Donkey Kong Land 3 Game Boy
49. Donkey Kong Land 3 

Duck Tales Game Boy
50. Duck Tales 

Game Boy Emulators
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