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Win a free copy of Valet Parking 1989!

posted by: Abandonman in OldGamesNews.com
Valet Parking 1989

Valet Parking 1989

Not long ago we wrote an article about a new Nintendo DS game called Valet Parking 1989. The game is set in a neon lit California 1989 and is packed with 40 different characters, 12 story mode levels, 14 songs and a whopping 18 cars. You play as a parking attendant and your goal is to earn as much money as possible so you can to buy yourself a cool enough car so you can drive to the beach in style.

Today we have some more exciting news for all our readers! We are setting up a contest where the top 3 players get a free copy of the game! Your quest in this contest is to play the game below and position yourself in the top 3. The contest will be online for 8 days and after that our top three winners will be presented.

A few tips when playing, first use your mouse to click on the console and after that you will be able to navigate with the keyword and the mouse.


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posted by: Abandonman in No Category
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Creator of Everdrive creates again

posted by: Abandonman in Repairs & Mods, Retrogames Hardware

Easier, didn’t they? For the most part, that fact is pretty clear. If only there was a flashdrive available for all of the old school consoles instead of just a select few…

It could happen.

Krikzz, a Ukranian mastermind and heavy contributor to the retro world, seems to be on the way. Although not the only drive created by Krikzz, the Everdrive 64 for the Nintendo 64 probably has earned the most buzz in recent history. However, there will soon be more to buzz about.

Krikzz has announced an update to an already available flashdrive for the Sega Mega Drive. Titled the Mega Everdrive, this newbie will build on what the original drive did, but will allegedly add one solid and entertaining feature to make it stand out above all others: the ability to partake in multi-player, online gaming using the original Mega Drive hardware.

As if that isn’t enough, the Turbo Everdrive is due to be completed at about the same time (early 2012). For the PC Engine/Turbografix 16, the Turbo Everdrive hopes to improve greatly upon the current ROM accesses for the console.

Read more here.

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posted by: Abandonman in No Category



  • rtzertzertz

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posted by: admin in No Category

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Let’s hear a Bloody Roar! Or not.

posted by: Abandonman in Classic Game Sequels
Bloody Roar

Bloody Roar

Sometimes you have to embrace modern technology to stay on top of the past. Follow a few Twitter accounts here and there and you can really stay up to date on what’s out of date! It sounds like an oxymoron, but it seems to work…sometimes.

Read more »

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Defender of the Crown App

posted by: Abandonman in Classic Game Remakes
Defender of the Crown

Defender of the Crown

Defender of the Crown, the classic medieval game for the Amiga and many other formats, is one of the most recent additions to the app store for the iPhone.

Read more »

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Welcome back Mickey?

posted by: Abandonman in Classic Game Remakes
Mickey mouse: Castle of Illusion

Mickey mouse: Castle of Illusion

Lots of things spark scuttlebutt in the retro gaming community, but nothing raises eyebrows and sends up flags like a multimillion dollar giant like Disney filing for a trademark. In this specific instance, the megamedia corporation is looking to trademark the term Castle of Illusion, which was the title of a 1990 release starring the company’s flagship character, Mickey Mouse. What can it mean?

Read more »

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