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Gaming has always been a popular pastime and with new games and new consoles entering the market, there are endless choices. Here, gamers can learn about the old and new options and will discover what the future of gaming will be with virtual reality and augmented reality gaming options.

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Classic Console Games Systems

Any gamer that has been enjoying video games for a number of years will have played on at least one of the classic console game systems. These were the most basic systems and were among the first to enter the market. While the games were nowhere near as enhanced as they are today, they did pave the road to the excitement many gamers now enjoy. Classic console systems are still available, though they are considered retro ways of gaming. These systems consisted of basic operations and the game controls were simple as well, using just a few buttons and direction controls.

Nintendo is a name that is recognised by any gamer and the original Nintendo system was one of the more popular classic consoles. The Nintendo Entertainment System, known as NES, was released in 1983 and was the first to offer a front loading port for game cartridges. The system originally was advertised as a toy before it was classified as a gaming console. Nintendo was the highest selling console in all of North America and it was the reason the video game market was completely revitalised. This system was responsible for the Mario icon, first seen in Super Mario Bros. Over the years, the NES was replaced by more enhanced consoles, but it is still used today by gamers who love retro games. In 2009, this popular console system was listed as the greatest console in history.

When the system was released in North America, it came along with 17 game titles that could be purchased. These includes Baseball, Duck Hunt, Pinball, Super Mario Bros, Tennis, 10-Yard Fight, Excitebike and other hit games. These games quickly became the most played in North America. Nintendo did launch the system in Europe and Australia as well. In 1986, the system was seen in Europe and the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Italy saw the console the following year.

When the system was released in North America, there were four bundles that were available. These were the Deluxe Set, Action Set, Control Deck and Power Set. The lowest cost was for the Basic Control Deck Set for $89.99 with no game included. The top cost was for the Deluxe Set, which offered the control deck, a light gun, two controllers and two games, Duck Hunt and Gyromite. This set sold for $199.99.

Sega is another big name when it comes to classic console system and the company was known for creating some of the most entertaining arcade games. The first console system from Sega, known as the SG-1000, was launched in Japan in 1983. This was soon followed by another version, the SG-1000 II, which offered detachable controllers and some improved hardware. This did not sell as well as the original version, so the Sega Mark III was released in 1985 in Japan. This system offers enhances computing and was an instant hit. The first Sega system was not seen in North America until 1986, where the console was sold as the Sega Master System. The system was sold for $200 and included Safari Hunt and Hang-On game titles. Sega quickly became the main competitor to Nintendo and in 1986, there were 125,000 Sega consoles sold, but this did not come close to the 1.1 million sold by Nintendo.

To keep up with the competition, Sega reworked the console and marketed it in 1988 as the Mega Drive, which was a 16-bit console. It was soon relabelled as Sega Genesis, which is known as one of the most popular classic console systems today. Even though the console was hugely popular, the sales faltered and still ended up behind Nintendo and Atari, which held about 92% of the combined console market in the US. The system did have great success in Europe as well as in Brazil.

There were other console names that were seen throughout the 1980s, one being Atari, a name that is known by any gamer. The original system was released in 1976, being one of the first video game consoles in the world. It was soon known as the Atari 2600 and could play all four of the games that were available at that time. This system came with a price tag of $199 and included joysticks, paddles, the console and the Combat game cartridge. Atari continued to develop newer technology, but as they were working on a new console system, the home computer boom began, leading to some computer products being developed. The company switched its focus back to the development of their new console, the Atari 5200, launched in 1982. In 1985, the company offered an update to their computer line of systems, which were the XE series computers. In 1986, two new consoles were released, the Atari 7800 and the Atari 2600jr.

Just after the first Atari system was released, Intellevision entered the market with a quickly growing game library of 35 games in the first year of being sold. ColecoVision, released in 1982 was also a competitor to the Atari 2600 and with 12 launch games and 10 more announced for the following year, this system had a great game library within 2 years, offering over 145 titles, the most of any console system.

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Classic Console Games

To go along with the releases of the greatest video game consoles, there were many great classic console games that were sold throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s. As the console market increased, so did the demand for games. The leading console developers continued to create new and exciting games that would provide gamers with amazing action and titles that would be remembered for years to come. Today, many serious gamers still enjoy playing these classic retro games and even though they have poor graphics and game play compared to today’s games, classic console games remain a huge hit and are sought after by many gamers.

Mario was an instant hit and is still one of the most recognised icons in the video game industry. Mario was first introduced by Nintendo when the hit game Mario Bros was released in the early 1980s. This was one of the first console games ever created and it remains a popular game for many. This game introduced Mario’s brother, Luigi, which would be seen in many later releases. Mario Bros has been released for more than 12 gaming platforms, making it the most popular game ever created. The original Mario Bros was created for the NES system and in 1988, Super Mario Bros 3 was introduced, which was the third best selling Nintendo game of all time. In 1990, Super Mario World was offered on the Super NES. This game was an enhanced version of the original, offering more controls, more graphics and more worlds and levels to complete. The game was a huge success and is still a top played game today.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a huge hit and saw quite a few Mario games, like Super Mario Cart, Super Mario All-Stars, Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario RPG and Mario Paint. When Nintendo released hand held video game consoles, Mario remained a popular character featured in games. On the Gameboy, players could enjoy Dr. Mario, Super Mario Land, Mario’s Princess, Super Mario Land 2 and games featuring Yoshi and Wario. As the gaming industry continues to grow and expand and Nintendo and other companies created new consoles. Mario remained a popular choice. For the Wii, players could enjoy Super Mario games and these could also be played on other consoles.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a well known title amongst gamers and this character was first featured in Sega games. The first game offered by Sega was released in 1991 and in 1992, a sequel to the game was released, titles Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The new version offered increased game speed and players saw the introduction of Miles “Trails” Prower, a sidekick to Sonic. The next game was released in 1994, called Sonic the Hedgehog 3, available on Sega systems. This game offered new manoeuvres and types of shields. It also allowed players to control Tails. With Knuckles the Echidna being introduced in this game, players now had a new storyline and great new levels. In the same year, Sega introduces Sonic & Knuckles.

There were many Sonic titles that were created for the Genesis system that were not 2D, such as Sonic Spinball, a pinball game featuring characters from the first two Sonic games. In 1996, Sonic 3D Blast was created as a 2.5D platform video game and those featured some 3D worlds. For those that joined the handheld gaming world, the Sega Gear device has some great Sonic games like Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Drift. The final game created for Sega was Sonic Adventure, playable on the Dreamcast. In 2003, the game was released to be played on the Game Cube and later in 2010, Sonic games were offered for Xbox players and PlayStation owners.

Many Sonic games were also created for Nintendo DS, including Sonic Rush, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Players soon had Sonic games for PlayStation 2 and 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. In 2012, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was released and could be played on Android, iOS and Windows powered mobile phones.

While Nintendo and Sega has some great titles that had many sequels, there were a bunch of classic games that were being enjoyed during the 80s and 90s. Pac Man, an arcade game, was offered on multiple consoles. The game was very popular with Atari players and with PlayStation, Pac-Man World was introduced. There were also Ms. Pac-Man games. The original Pac-Man title was first seen in 1980. Donkey Kong was another classic game and the game was first released in 1981 by Nintendo. Donkey Kong games are only available in Nintendo game systems and some of the popular titles over the years have included Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 2 and 3, Donkey Kong Land, Mario and Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Circus.

Another classic game was Tetris, first released by Nintendo in 1984. While the game was offered as a console game, it was even more popular for the Game Boy, with the Tetris game becoming available in 1989. The game has been played for years on almost every Nintendo console and it is now available for play on cell phones as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Current State of Console Games and Online Games

Gaming has been popular since the 1970s and with the growing demand, the leading console makers have kept up with technology, offering great consoles that can play the most realistic games anywhere. With the Wii from Nintendo and the PlayStation 4 from Sony, the world of gaming continues to be quite popular. In 2015, there were amazing sales globally for video games and the latest consoles offer virtual reality games and even eSports. Over the past 10 years, the games that players are demanding has drastically changed. Today, gamers do not care so much about content of games as they do sharing the gaming experience with others. With eSports, role playing games and Twitch, players can share game experienced and even compete with players from around the world.

eSports is a big thing today and many top companies in the industry have seen the demand for this, including Activision, ESPN, EA and Microsoft. Each of these have already created their eSports gaming operations. In fact, Activision has acquired Major League Gaming, where professional gaming circuits are organised and tournaments can be played.

Mobile gaming is also a big craze and with almost everyone in the world owning a mobile device, many who can connect to the internet will enjoy a plethora of games. These can be classic console games or the latest virtual reality games. All playable on the mobile device, this form of gaming has become popular with those on the go.

While PC gaming and mobile gaming are still popular, players have not forgotten about consoles. With the PS4, Xbox and Wii, players are able to enjoy the most realistic gaming experience and with advanced technology, it goes without saying that console gaming is still a top choice.

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Online Casinos, Games of Chance and Social Games

Gamers are well aware of et console options that are available and also know about PC gaming options, which have become a preferred choice for those that like to play role playing games in real time. However, there is also a group of games that some may overlook, especially those that are seeking top quality 3D games. Social gaming is also very popular and since most people have a social networking account with either Twitter, Facebook or another networking sites, there is the ability to access great games and even compete against others. Social gaming is a great way to interact with others while enjoying multi-player video games, role playing games, board games, card games and more.

Games of chance are also popular choices, especially for PC users and mobile gamers. These games are those that require no special skill set, The results are completely random. Some of these games can include card games, dice games and many casino games. There are certain games of chance that will require a bit of skill, such as when playing blackjack, where players will have to make decisions based on cards that are dealt. However, the result of the game remains random, making it a game of chance.

Online casinos are very popular for players from all over the world. These casino sites can be accessed using a PC, Mac or any mobile device. At an online casino, players will play all the casino games they would play at a land location and the games can be played for free or for real money. With online casinos, players will also find alternative games like Bingo, Keno and scratch cards. These casino sites can offer great ways to win money from home and with huge progressive jackpots available, life altering wins can be achieved.

In Canada where online casinos and gambling online is popular players will often utilize a website for Canadians: to decide on which casinos to play at. Doing so will save players the hassels and grumblings of playing at rogue online casino websites. Similarly Aussie players will use an Australian focused website instead such as: who offer information specific to players who reside in Australia. If that doesn't do it for you then there are several other guides the likes of which can be found by visiting the DMOZ gambling category.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the future of gaming. With the latest technology, players can enjoy virtual reality games that replicate a live environment and stimulate physical presences in these environments. These games will allow the player to interact with others in that world. The virtual worlds are often displayed on a computer or gaming console and some will use sensory information to offer real sound. In the past few years, leading companies in the gaming industry have tried to develop virtual reality games using the newest technology. In 2013, Nintendo was one company that filed for a patent to create a 3D effect to be viewed on a 2D television screen. With this, a camera will track the location of the viewer and if they move, everything on the screen will also move.

There have been many virtual reality devices that have entered the market and are available one great example is that of Oculus Rift now owned by Facebook. Some of these include headsets and glasses. The VR glasses present the virtual scene and allow users to feel as though they are right there physically. There is also a glove that will simulate the sensation to touch. This is called the GloveOne and it will make users see that they have an item in their hand.

Virtual reality is not just used for gaming but is also a great training tool. It is often used for combat training and provides a way for new troops to be trained in a controlled environment where they will be able to respond to a variety of situations. They can also use virtual controlled weapons. VR is also used in the training of medical personnel.

Augmented reality is one of the latest technologies and this is similar to virtual reality, where the user will have a live view of a true environment. All of the elements in these environments are computer generated. The main difference between virtual and augmented reality is that the latter offers a real-time experience in the real world. In terms of gaming, augmented reality will provide gamers with digital gaming in a real world environment. There is great movement detection such as with the Wii and the movement of a player can be detected.

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Future of Gaming

Gaming has definitely changed over the years from basic platforms with simple graphics to the latest games using virtual reality and presenting very realistic graphics. As new consoles are developed, so are controls and virtual and augmented reality will surely be the future of all gaming. The entire gaming spectrum has evolved, offering players the ability to play away from home on a mobile device, to enjoy console action and engage in PC gaming. With so many ways to play, gamers always have amazing choices to suit their needs and gaming preferences at any given time.

For thousands, even millions of people around the world, gaming is part of everyday life. Whether it is social gaming or simply playing a game of solitaire on a PC, the majority of people in the world experience some form of gaming on a daily basis. As more players play, more demands emerge and players want to have a life like experience when they engage in any game. This means that the latest technologies have to be used by companies to create and distribute realistic games, including those that offer a virtual experience. With Virtual Reality headsets on the market, gaming is being changed one player at a time. Though the headsets are large and bulky and also come with a hefty price tag, serious gamers care less about their appearance than they do the amazing experience in a virtual world.

Gone are the days of block style graphics. With the world of virtual reality just ahead, gamers will begin to experience playing games like never before by being able to virtually take on a role in the game and feel like they are actually in that game setting.

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